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Dental care is essential for patients of all ages, but children have specific requirements to ensure proper development and long-term oral health. The team at Casa Dental provides dentistry for children tailored to their specific needs, along with taking into account your unique child to find the best solutions for their smile.

You can find a full range of quality dental treatment options from your local kids’ dentist in Toronto and Mississauga at Casa Dental. We offer preventive and restorative care to keep your child healthy and maintain their smile in the face of tooth decay, dental injury, and other problems.

By choosing a children’s dentist with the necessary experience and skill, you ensure the best experience for your child. We offer a calm and relaxing environment, along with options such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) sedation to support your child’s unique needs. Choose the best for your child by visiting Casa Dental today.

Our Children’s Dentistry Services

Casa Dental provides an extensive range of children’s dentistry services. When you’re searching for a “children’s dentist near me,” you don’t have to look any further because we provide everything your child needs under one roof. These are just some of our dentistry services, with many more available.


Ensure that your child is developing properly and that issues such as tooth decay and cavities are identified and dealt with early by visiting us for routine check-ups. As your dentist for kids, we also provide advice and guidance to support your child.

Oral Exams

We carefully evaluate your child’s oral health to identify any potential issues. Tooth decay, gum disease, orthodontic issues, and even oral cancer are all potential concerns. Our thorough examinations ensure that your child gets prompt treatment.


Our team provides dental X-rays to ensure proper development and diagnose a variety of potential children’s dental issues. We monitor tooth and jaw development over time, which can help avoid more serious orthodontic issues down the line and ensure minimal treatment requirements.

Dental Cleanings

When you bring your child in for a routine visit, we carry out professional dental cleaning to help protect against tooth decay and gum disease. Even with proper oral hygiene, plaque and tartar can develop in nooks and crannies. We use special tools to remove that build-up, supporting good oral health.

Fluoride Treatment

Your child can enjoy greater protection from cavities with fluoride treatment. This quick and comfortable treatment helps remineralize enamel as it is weakened by tooth decay, reversing the earliest stages and strengthening teeth.


We provide dental sealants for the best in cavity protection, applying a thin layer of composite resin to your child’s rear teeth. These bear the brunt of chewing and are more difficult to brush, so the additional protection goes a long way to prevent cavities.

Dental Fillings

At Casa Dental, we offer tooth-coloured fillings made with composite resin to prevent further tooth decay and provide relief for your children when they develop cavities. We carefully prepare and sanitize the affected area, apply composite resin, and cure it instantly with a UV light.

Laughing Gas

While many treatments can be carried out with local anesthetic, your child’s unique needs could mean that nitrous oxide (laughing gas) sedation might be a better choice. This keeps them calm throughout, tackling dental anxiety and making longer treatments easier. Our dentists are experienced and qualified to safely apply nitrous oxide sedation.

The Importance of At-Home Oral Hygiene for Maintaining Your Child’s Dental Health

Keeping up with routine dental care is essential to maintain your child’s oral health. However, so is instilling the right oral hygiene practices. If you’re searching “kids’ dentist near me” to find the right professional to provide guidance and advice, reach out to Casa Dental to ensure the best for your child.

Of course, brushing and flossing are essential parts of any oral hygiene routine. We can help you ensure that your child is moving at the right pace as they transition from having you handle their oral hygiene to brushing and flossing under your supervision.

Your child should brush their teeth twice each day and floss at least once. Make sure they’re brushing for two minutes each time instead of rushing through it. Find a quality toothbrush and have them brush in a circular motion rather than back and forth. Brushing and flossing should reach every tooth surface and all the space in between.

We help get your child on board with good oral hygiene by making dental care a positive experience. We offer a fun and friendly environment where children receive the care they need, alongside effective guidance and support to help take care of oral health at home.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Whether you’re looking to schedule your child’s next routine appointment or have a specific concern, Casa Dental can help. We provide tailored dental care for children, meeting their unique needs. Reach out today at 1-888-270-8793 for our Mississauga clinic, 1-888-920-5324 for our Toronto clinic, or by contacting us online.

Patient Stories: Sharing Smiles and Successes

Qianru Wang6 days ago
 Rating Stars
Would definitely recommend this place. People there are more than friendly and professional. Had a great cleaning experience there.
Christy Huanga week ago
 Rating Stars
Dr. Huang and Meylin consistently provide a gentle, pain-free yet thorough assessment and treatment at every visit. I’ve been going with Casa Dental for over 12 years.😄
Diana Aubrecht2 weeks ago
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I was very happy with my experience at Casa Dental.. The staff were friendly & accomodating.. The dentist was fantastic.. She took her time & listened to me when I said that I had to take a... Read More
Shikha Saini2 weeks ago
 Rating Stars
I had a really great experience at Casa dental. All staff members were friendly and professional. The surroundings were clean and they all practice universal precautions.
Barrie Zwicker2 weeks ago
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Once again this was a seven-star appointment, although the request for feedback limits me to five stars. The seven stars are: 1--Timeliness 2--Thoroughness (a two-hour appointment) 3--Friendliness... Read More
william cheun2 weeks ago
 Rating Stars
I am very satisfied to your work done.
Victoria Marshall3 weeks ago
 Rating Stars
Good natured staff, very helpful and thorough. A great team!
David Mark3 months ago
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My dentist of 25+ years recently retired and I had been putting off finding a new doctor because of the pandemic. I am happy that my cousin recommended Dr. Huang at Casa Dentistry for my dental care.... Read More

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