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Root canal treatment plays a key role in providing relief from serious tooth pain and ensuring the best long-term oral health outcomes. The team at Casa Dental provides root canal surgery for cases of serious tooth decay and dental injury, safeguarding against infection while avoiding the need for tooth extraction.

You can visit Casa Dental at our clinics in Toronto and Mississauga for effective root canal surgery. We provide the endodontic care you need for any situation, including root canal treatment, root canal retreatment, pulpectomies, and more. We’ll develop the treatment plan to meet your unique needs.

Signs You Might Need a Root Canal Treatment

Ideally, keeping up with routine dental appointments will keep you from needing a root canal surgeon. Tooth decay and cavities gradually work deeper into your tooth if left untreated. Eventually, they can expose the pulp tissue inside, which leads to the tissue being infected. Regular appointments can identify tooth decay before that happens.

If you’ve noticed an increase in tooth sensitivity or sharp pain when biting or chewing, it could be due to advanced tooth decay. You can also experience a persistent toothache if the pulp becomes exposed. These symptoms can also be caused by other dental issues but are a reason to reach out to Casa Dental in any case.

A tooth root canal may also be necessary in cases of serious chips or cracks. If damage to your tooth exposes the pulp within, then bacteria can get inside and cause infection. The only way to prevent infection is with a surgical root canal treatment, as bacteria will have already gotten inside and can continue growing even if the opening is sealed.

The Root Canal Treatment Process at Casa Dental

When you visit Casa Dental for tooth pain or other symptoms, we’ll carefully evaluate your teeth to determine the cause. If serious tooth decay or damage has exposed the pulp, then we will likely recommend proceeding with a surgical root canal.

Root canals can be carried out with local anesthetic, similar to a dental filling, but our team has other sedation dentistry options available if needed. To start the procedure, the root canal endodontist will create an opening in the chewing surface of the tooth. They then use specialized tools to remove the pulp tissue.

Along with the pulp tissue, we also remove the nerves and vessels within the root canals themselves. These are the small gaps inside tooth roots. Delicate tools are used to remove these tissues precisely. From there, the interior of the tooth is sanitized and filled. In most cases, you’ll need dental crown placement as well to protect the tooth.

Root Canal Aftercare and Recovery

The team at Casa Dental will ensure that you have clear instructions for aftercare following your root canal surgery. In general, the only real requirement is to avoid biting or chewing with the affected tooth. You may experience some soreness or sensitivity, but you should be back to normal within a week or two.

We’ll schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure your root canal surgery has the intended outcome. If you notice any severe pain or swelling after your treatment, reach out right away, as these symptoms are not typical. Be sure to keep up with routine dental appointments and oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay in the future.

Root Canal Treatment Cost in Toronto and Mississauga

Root canal removal cost can vary depending on a variety of factors. The placement of the tooth is one example, with front teeth typically being more accessible. The severity of tooth decay is another major factor. If an infection has already set in or progressed to an abscessed tooth, you may need additional treatments as well.

One of the most significant factors in root canal cost is the need for a dental crown to restore the tooth. The root canal procedure creates a large opening in the tooth. Having such a large surface made up of filling material can impact the integrity of the tooth. A dental crown provides lasting strength and durability, along with a beautiful appearance.

Why Choose Casa Dental for Root Canal Treatment?

If you’re dealing with serious tooth decay or other signs that you may need root canal treatment, Casa Dental is the team to handle it. Our experienced dentists and staff will ensure you receive a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. We carefully assess your smile to find the best treatment options for your long-term oral health.

You can trust a dentist who specializes in root canals to deliver effective and reliable results. Your teeth will be protected against the risk of infection and abscesses while still retaining their function, allowing you to enjoy a strong and healthy smile after your surgical root canal.

Contact Casa Dental for Root Canal Treatment in Toronto & Mississauga

A root canal treatment is a vital procedure to prevent serious infection. Putting it off can lead to much more severe dental issues, so reach out to Casa Dental today at 1-888-270-8793 for our Mississauga clinic or 1-888-920-5324 for our Toronto clinic, or contact us online to book your appointment.

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I am very satisfied to your work done.
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Good natured staff, very helpful and thorough. A great team!
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