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Dental procedures can vary widely in complexity and length, and every patient is unique. That means that local anesthetic isn’t always sufficient to provide a calm and comfortable treatment experience. In those cases, Casa Dental provides sedation dentistry to meet the needs of yourself or your child and provide effective treatment.

Our team administers nitrous oxide sedation, also known as laughing gas. This goes beyond simply numbing pain like a local anesthetic. It also serves to keep you calm and relaxed during what could otherwise be a challenging and uncomfortable procedure. Sedation dentistry plays a key role in ensuring proper treatment for patients with dental anxiety.

We’ll take the time to discuss sedation dentistry and other accommodations before your dental procedure. The dentists at Casa Dental are committed to ensuring your comfort during treatment and delivering an exceptional patient experience overall.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Searching for “sedation dentistry near me” and finding the right nitrous oxide dentist to handle your treatment can provide a wide range of benefits. The team at Casa Dental provides nitrous oxide sedation to help patients through a variety of scenarios.

Nitrous oxide reduces anxiety, making treatment more accessible to patients who face dental anxiety. You might face varying levels of dental anxiety that can make certain treatments unbearable. Nitrous oxide manages that anxiety to let you access the crucial dental care you need.

This type of sedation also numbs pain, allowing you to remain entirely comfortable during treatment. You will be calm and relaxed throughout. Nitrous oxide quickly exits your system after the treatment is over, and we briefly provide an increased oxygen feed, so you will be feeling perfectly normal again just moments later.

Who is the Ideal Patient for Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is widely used to improve patient experience and enable effective treatment in a wide range of cases. The decision whether to use nitrous oxide sedation or not is one we’ll make together, carefully evaluating your concerns and the procedure at hand to find a solution that best addresses your needs.

Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a common condition where a person feels anxious about the prospect of visiting the dentist or having certain procedures done. It can arise from any number of sources, whether due to having gone a long time without dental care, having had a negative experience in the past, or simply the negative way popular culture portrays visiting the dentist.

While many people experience very minor dental anxiety that may not require sedation, some experience severe dental anxiety, which can make visiting the dentist feel impossible. In these cases, nitrous oxide provides a safe, conscious sedation that ensures a pain-free and relaxed experience.


Dental treatment can be difficult on children, particularly those that require more complex treatments or treatments that are longer in duration. Even when local anesthetic completely numbs any pain, the sensation of drilling, tugging, bright lights, and more could overwhelm your child. This is especially true if they show any signs of dental anxiety.

When applied by a trained and experienced nitrous oxide dentist, this type of sedation is safe for children. It keeps them calm and relaxed, just like it does for adult patients. It might be the right choice to make your child’s treatment easier. We’ll discuss your child’s unique needs in detail to find the best route forward.

Patients with Specific Requirements

There are a variety of other situations that may call for nitrous oxide sedation. Some patients simply have sensitive teeth and gums or a low pain threshold. Nitrous oxide can provide a more effective numbing than local anesthetic. It also suppresses that gag reflex, which can sometimes complicate treatment if you happen to have a very sensitive one.

Sedation Dentistry Process

The sedation dentistry process starts with a discussion of your specific concerns and the treatment you’ll be undergoing. From that, we can determine if local anesthetic or nitrous oxide would be the more appropriate choice. Before the procedure, the only significant requirement is to not eat or drink anything for several hours ahead of your appointment.

We will place a mask over your nose that will provide a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. Our skilled dentists will adjust the levels to achieve the proper level of sedation and will continue to monitor sedation throughout the process. Your experience will be sleepy and relaxed. You’ll remain awake throughout, but will feel calm.

Once your procedure is complete, we briefly apply a higher concentration of oxygen to help flush the nitrous oxide from your system. You’ll be back to normal right away and can even drive yourself home.

Experience Relaxing Dental Care at Our Clinic

Are you looking for a dentist who can provide for your or your child’s unique needs? Schedule a consultation with Casa Dental to find out more about sedation dentistry.

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