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Casa Dental is your trusted emergency dentist in Toronto and Mississauga for a wide range of emergency situations. We provide the effective care and rapid response necessary to ensure that you have the best possible outcome from your situation. We offer high-quality care that prioritizes your long-term oral health and comfort.

You could find yourself in need of emergency dental services at any moment, whether due to a sudden, severe toothache or a physical injury to your teeth. When that happens, don’t waste time searching for an “emergency dentist near me.” Instead, make Casa Dental your choice for a fast response, clear guidance, and effective treatment.

Our team is committed to doing everything we can to provide the relief, restoration, and protection your smile needs in an emergency situation. Find the emergency dental care you need at Casa Dental today.

Our Emergency Dental Services

The dentists and staff at Casa Dental provide a full range of emergency dentistry treatment options. We have the solution for any of your emergency dentistry needs and can quickly develop an effective treatment plan that focuses on both immediate relief and long-term oral health. We’re your emergency dental clinic for any situation.

Emergency tooth extractions

If tooth decay or infection has gone on for too long without being treated, you could find yourself in need of immediate tooth extraction. The same applies to severe dental injuries where the tooth can’t be saved. We provide emergency tooth extraction to deliver fast relief and safeguard your overall oral health.

Treatment for dental abscesses and infections

As tooth decay progresses, it can lead to infection inside the tooth. This can further progress to an abscess, a painful pocket around the tooth roots. We provide infection and abscess tooth treatment by performing root canal treatment when possible and emergency extraction when it isn’t.

Repair of broken or chipped teeth

Chips and cracks can impact the appearance and function of your smile. We provide options for both major and minor damage. Minor chipped tooth repair may only require cosmetic treatment. However, broken tooth repair will require a dental crown or other options.

Management of severe toothaches

A sudden, severe, persistent toothache is a sign that something is wrong. Don’t ignore it. Instead, reach out to Casa Dental and let our team determine what’s wrong and provide effective treatment to relieve pain and protect your teeth.

Emergency root canal therapy

Serious tooth decay and infection can require immediate root canal therapy to prevent the spread of infection. We carry out this procedure quickly while ensuring your comfort, saving the natural tooth while preventing further issues.

Re-implantation of knocked-out teeth

If you have a knocked-out tooth, there is a chance that it can be re-implanted if you act quickly. Reach out to Casa Dental right away for clear instructions on the next steps. You can preserve the tooth and bring it to one of our offices, where our skilled dentists can often save the tooth and restore your smile.

Treatment for oral injuries and trauma

Dental trauma can arise from sports activity and a wide range of accidents. When this happens, the team at Casa Dental can find the right solution for your specific case. A variety of treatments may be needed based on your specific situation, but the first step is to reach out and get your emergency dentist appointment.

Why Choose Casa Dental for Emergency Dentistry?

Casa Dental is the ideal choice for your family’s go-to emergency dentist. With two offices, one in Toronto and one in Mississauga, we provide reliable emergency dental services over a wide area. We offer a quick response when you reach out and can determine the best next steps to take to resolve your situation.

Our skilled dentists and staff have seen dental emergencies of all kinds. Over the years, we have developed the skill and experience to treat an extensive range of situations. We make clear and accurate evaluations of any situation to find the treatment plan that best addresses your unique dental emergency.

We also focus on providing you with the most comfortable experience possible. We use the latest technology to rapidly diagnose and plan treatment, offer various sedation dentistry options, and work quickly to provide the relief you need in a dental emergency. Find the right solution for immediate relief and long-term oral health with Casa Dental.

Contact us for Emergency Dental Care

Are you currently experiencing a dental emergency? Don’t wait another moment. Reach out to our team, and we’ll provide clear guidance on the next steps and evaluate the proper response for your situation. If your needs are urgent, we can offer last-minute emergency dentist appointments to prioritize your welfare.

Call us now at 1-888-270-8793 for our Mississauga clinic or 1-888-920-5324 for our Toronto clinic, or contact us online.

Patient Stories: Sharing Smiles and Successes

Millie Scott2 days ago
 Rating Stars
My first visit to Casa Dental clinic in Mississauga was in early July 2024. Dr Huang and his team were very welcoming and informative. The staff I met were quite knowledgeable and displayed great... Read More
Michelle Hu6 days ago
 Rating Stars
Dr. and staff are both very helpful, professional and accommodating.
Julia Ca week ago
 Rating Stars
Great staff, above and beyond front desk (scheduling, putting through my tricky insurance, etc). Dr Huang was super clear about what the xrays were showing him, which I really appreciated. You can... Read More
Agatha Ng3 weeks ago
 Rating Stars
I like Casa dental. Like the service, like the people, Like place. Feel good after the service. glad that I pick the this dental clinic
Qianru Wang4 weeks ago
 Rating Stars
Would definitely recommend this place. People there are more than friendly and professional. Had a great cleaning experience there.
Christy Huang4 weeks ago
 Rating Stars
Dr. Huang and Meylin consistently provide a gentle, pain-free yet thorough assessment and treatment at every visit. I’ve been going with Casa Dental for over 12 years.😄
Diana Aubrecht1 month ago
 Rating Stars
I was very happy with my experience at Casa Dental.. The staff were friendly & accomodating.. The dentist was fantastic.. She took her time & listened to me when I said that I had to take a... Read More
Shikha Saini1 month ago
 Rating Stars
I had a really great experience at Casa dental. All staff members were friendly and professional. The surroundings were clean and they all practice universal precautions.

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